Sugar Free Cream Cheese Frosting and Filling

You won’t be disappointed. My Pilates class approves.


I will get right to the recipe here for you guys! I came up with this when I was making pumpkin and cinnamon muffins for my Pilates class. I needed something low in fat, no sugar, and still delicious! Man were these muffins the BOMB. Let me know if you guys would like me to share the recipe in the comments below.

Makes: icing / filling for 12 cupcakes 


5 oz cream cheese (I used greek cream cheese, but feel free to use regular, just make sure it’s soft)

¼ cup of greek yogurt

¼ cup of salted butter; or coconut oil/butter (add a pinch of salt if using coconut oil/butter)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

stevia to taste – I used ¼ cup dry granules.

IF YOU PLAN TO USE THIS WITHIN BAKING SOMETHING (such as creme cheese filled muffins, zucchini bread, pumpkin rolls, etc.) – Add 1 Tbs flour or 1 Tbs flax seed meal – this will help it thicken and not be a goopy mess when eating. It will hold some firmness.


Mix all the ingredients with a blender until light. Taste test it! It may need to be sweeter. If you plan to have cream cheese stuffed muffins, put frosting in a ziplock bag and cut the corner. Squeeze into muffin batter. Bake muffins as normal.


Hope you guys enjoy, and as always – have a happy belly!

-CP xo




Author: Courtney Simpson

I am a Purdue University Mechatronics Major, currently in my Senior year. HOORAY! I am also proudly a Brooke Owens Fellow. I am a woman in aerospace and I have a family of 80 women just as passionate as I am about all things in the sky. I have worked closely with other Engineering students on some really amazing projects, and have big ideas I hope to implement some day in the tech world! If I'm not at school being an engineer, I am either at the gym lifting heavy objects, or I'm in my art room or kitchen letting my creativity run loose. My passions are not so technical. They're deep and sporadic in nature. Welcome to not so technical blog where we put science into life, and emotion into living!

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