About What’s Going on Here

A little about this blog site…

I am a student of Purdue University studying Mechatronics Engineering (a weird combination of electrical and mechanical systems, with software integration). I am to graduate in May 2019. My major and entire collegiate life has been quite the experience. (You’ll have to read my blog to know all the juicy details). Just for a snippet though, I completed my Freshman Year at Purdue West Lafayette, as an “Exploratory” major, meaning I had no idea what I wanted to be. Required classes: aptitude tests, life exploring exercises, and forced research of all the majors offered at Purdue. I knew I wanted to be an engineer from the start, but I applied to Purdue University in the summer, causing me to miss the engineering boat. As a student with a high school GPA of 4.56 on a 4.0 scale, ranked #1 until two months before graduation (that’s a funny story), and an active member in leadership clubs, I did not apply late to PU because I was irresponsible… It’s really a good story, so try to check it out in my blog. It has led me on a wild ride, with many rich experiences. This is where I want to share those rich experiences with you! Not everything is a direct tie to college by any means. During this time I have discovered a lot about myself; my hopes, dreams, and desires. I have learned my strengths as well as weaknesses.

I am a woman of many hobbies and talents. I love math, but I love the gym equally. I love helping people, but I love helping myself to an entire tub of ice cream (it’s a rare happening!). I am a Personal and Group Exercise trainer at the local Madison County YMCA. I find the human body amazing. It is capable of so much and we really should treat it like a holy ground. Cooking has always been my greatest of gifts. I started cooking when I was about 5, putting a raw egg in the microwave for breakfast… At least it wasn’t on a metal plate! On a serious note, my mother and father went separate ways around the age of 13. I lived with my dad, and I quickly taught myself how to cook. Cooking is a very meaningful thing for me, as it is a way I express myself. I want to share stories with all of you, and sometimes a recipe that I put in with it. As a conscience dieter, or what I call an intuitive eater, I look at food as a means of fuel for the body and soul. My recipes are clean. They are made to make your taste buds happy, while feeding your muscles and organs with essential nutrients that strays away from processed junk.

I have plethora of other quirks. I want to become a pilot, I about went to art school, decorating a Christmas tree for Festival of Trees at the Paramount every year is my favorite event, painting and stained glass are my other hobbies, I work part time for my fathers HVAC company Simpson Heating and Cooling, aspiring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master (white belt talk), I hate using guns but I love my re-curve bow, I love playing classical guitar, currently learning Pilates, I have two precious dog’s that I love more than life, I enjoy going to sprint car races during the summer, and love anything and everything vintage/retro including music, clothes, and cars!


Dempsey, my avid squirrel hunter


Ringo, currently battling with colon cancer




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